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Git master branch update v0.17

A new version, after a long time.

Some big refactoring:

  • Refactor User API and ACLs (#173)
  • Prepare User refactoring with an on-the-fly db export (#194)
  • Remove old school Publish function (#200)
  • Remove deprecated JS engines and use Babel JS (#156)
  • Refactor UI and remove Groovy for React (#199)

Some bug correction / security improvements:

  • Play server can’t start with Windows (#195)
  • Troubles during metadata analyst if the file is locked (#196)
  • Enable mkv (Matroska) and WebM file type for ffmpeg processing (#197)
  • Password API and generator should not manipulate/validate weak passwords (#198)
  • Manage domains with SMB client (#202)
  • Add option for ignore all activity trace in some FTP accounts (#203)
  • Correct bug with NodeJS execution and OSX (#207)
  • Correct Windows Media Audio detection probe (#204)
  • Correct bug with ffprobe and dates (#216 and #217)

And some new functions;

  • Use BBC BMX Tools for wrap OP ATOM to OP1A (#17 8)
  • Enhancements for watchfolders (#186)
  • Create Archive Circle API helper (#206)
  • Re-open the bug correction #7 and add an option for remove all metadatas from empty storages and removed storages