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Git master branch update v0.13

Hello React ! This new version introduce this JS lib created by Facebook. All the JS API was updated, and there are some improvement for this.

This version is now fully functional with Java 8, but can be working with Java 7.

Storage configuration files are now very different from the previous version. This format is more compact, all in one file and one tree and mergue all storageindex declarations. Java Storage API is a bit different.

New functionalities and refactoring:

  • React/JS for Play (#97#103)
  • Import and export SQL files with Play H2 db (#106)
  • Refactor module call for Play 1.3 (#107)
  • Add Play Cache purge option in web view (#108)
  • Refactor Metadata Preview with React (#109), this is not actually closed. There is some works to do.
  • Refactor Storage API (#91)

Bug correction:

  • Strange stacktrace with Broker (#100)
  • Troubles with Server startup Play (#104)
  • CLI user list & disable options don’t works (#105)
  • Bug with SMB client and getPath (#110)
  • Bug with JSX and Play prod mode (#111)
  • Refactor Javascript/Groovy templates (#98)

Git master branch update v0.5

New update for some corrections and new functions.

Refactoring Cassandra side :

  • Clean Cassandra/IsAlive code, and remove old Schemes classes #50
  • Create Cassandra CF and KS with correct gc_grace and replication_factor values #49
  • Repair some non fatal bugs for the first boot, in case of no Keyspaces, and some races condition with the CF creating and pushing datas. Transform CF creating to a blocking operation.

Refactoring JS side :

  • Get html5shiv from web server instead of Google servers #46
  • Refactoring URLs in JS side #47
  • Extend stat function with scopes in website #30

Correct a simple bug :

  • StorageIndex can’t found a Storage if its name has uppercase letter(s) #48

Update your git repository, or download it here from GitHub.