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Git master branch update v0.20

A new version with some improvements and refactoring:

  • Upgrade React lib to a newer version (#171) and adapt the JSX current code
  • Ends the works on Playlist/Asrun watcher (broadcast automation) (#201)
  • Refactor OP ATOM to OP1A Wrapper XML based (#208) (stupid MXF OPAtom files)
  • Remove H2 db tools in CLI (#244)
  • Add a CLI option for can truncate watchfolder founded file list in database (#245)
  • An high-tech new function : Ends log files with a message before rolling (#246)
  • Remove old java reflexion tools from AppManager and replace it by Factory (#247)
  • Add the possibility of being able to stop/start watchfolder via Instance Action (#250)

And the classic bug corrections:

  • FTP Deleted user can’t be re-added (#239) and  an other silly bug
  • Play bootstrap can’t init in dev mode (#240)
  • Play warn an invalid error during Dev mod startup (#249)
  • Web page don’t display personalized messages (#241)
  • Sometimes Task-require-error-closer engine in Queue found false positive Job to close (#243)
  • Correct i18n personalized messages for static pages (#248)
  • Instance status engine don’t display current instance (web server) real status (#251)

And add a new wonderful function:

  • Add a background picture (#242) in login page !

Upgrade notes:

#239 FTP server admin (in Play side) can create FTP account user directories. Just add some ftpservergroups/group name/base_working_dir keys in configuration.
#246 Set MyRollingFileAppender for new log appender if you want display an end-of-file message before rolling. Useful with a tail option.
#208 Add watchfolderopts.max_founded_items and dontkeepdone configuration entry for limit big watchfolders job explosion
#208 Add ffprobe-jaxb-1.0.jar to classpath

Git master branch update v0.17

A new version, after a long time.

Some big refactoring:

  • Refactor User API and ACLs (#173)
  • Prepare User refactoring with an on-the-fly db export (#194)
  • Remove old school Publish function (#200)
  • Remove deprecated JS engines and use Babel JS (#156)
  • Refactor UI and remove Groovy for React (#199)

Some bug correction / security improvements:

  • Play server can’t start with Windows (#195)
  • Troubles during metadata analyst if the file is locked (#196)
  • Enable mkv (Matroska) and WebM file type for ffmpeg processing (#197)
  • Password API and generator should not manipulate/validate weak passwords (#198)
  • Manage domains with SMB client (#202)
  • Add option for ignore all activity trace in some FTP accounts (#203)
  • Correct bug with NodeJS execution and OSX (#207)
  • Correct Windows Media Audio detection probe (#204)
  • Correct bug with ffprobe and dates (#216 and #217)

And some new functions;

  • Use BBC BMX Tools for wrap OP ATOM to OP1A (#17 8)
  • Enhancements for watchfolders (#186)
  • Create Archive Circle API helper (#206)
  • Re-open the bug correction #7 and add an option for remove all metadatas from empty storages and removed storages

Git master branch update v0.14

A very BIG update. MyDMAM is not dead !

New functionalities:

  • Create a distributed transcoding watchfolder system (#115#114#143)
  • Add an integrated and controlled FTP Server (via an Apache FtpServer handler) (#157 and #175)

Enhancements and refactoring:

  • Add AsyncJS/React router and implement/refactor several JS Pages (#159#154#109#134 and #167)
  • Refactor all dirlists with loop protection (#128)
  • Refactor JS/JSX processing operation code (#168)
  • Remove Log2 logging for log4j and refactor all log systems (#141#152, #153 and #165)
  • Improve AppManager Instance Action / Status, and upgrade to a real API for this (#158)
  • Extract BlockedIPs/access control from Play to a generic tool (#163)
  • Create a “Stoppable Thread” for all services Threads and all sleep needs (#170)
  • Display drift date for user compared to current server date (#169)

Bug correction:

  • Remove IE 8 JS support (#113)
  • Desactivate admin mail with just remove service.administrator_mail in configuration (#145)
  • ffmpeg upgrade, remove strict and add vf null in command line and example config files (#146)
  • Bug with Broker: NPE if a worker is waiting a new job and there a some waiting jobs that it can’t manage (#147)
  • Play 1.4.x compatibility checking (#150)
  • Loosing a Cassandra node can break broker (TokenRangeOfflineException) (#160)
  • Stacktraces and ES errors with some bad chars during a search (#161)
  • Create ES Index during TTL enabling (#162)
  • Pagination don’t works in Navigator pages (#164)
  • Play can’t load JSX from module (#166)
  • Can’t upgrade privileges admin list (#172)
  • No storage configuration cause a NPE (#174)

Git master branch update v0.13

Hello React ! This new version introduce this JS lib created by Facebook. All the JS API was updated, and there are some improvement for this.

This version is now fully functional with Java 8, but can be working with Java 7.

Storage configuration files are now very different from the previous version. This format is more compact, all in one file and one tree and mergue all storageindex declarations. Java Storage API is a bit different.

New functionalities and refactoring:

  • React/JS for Play (#97#103)
  • Import and export SQL files with Play H2 db (#106)
  • Refactor module call for Play 1.3 (#107)
  • Add Play Cache purge option in web view (#108)
  • Refactor Metadata Preview with React (#109), this is not actually closed. There is some works to do.
  • Refactor Storage API (#91)

Bug correction:

  • Strange stacktrace with Broker (#100)
  • Troubles with Server startup Play (#104)
  • CLI user list & disable options don’t works (#105)
  • Bug with SMB client and getPath (#110)
  • Bug with JSX and Play prod mode (#111)
  • Refactor Javascript/Groovy templates (#98)

Projet d’integration JSX avec Play

La prochaine itération de développement sera d’intégrer React de Facebook, une bibliothèque de vues/templeting en JS, qui permet notamment de découper une grosse application en blocs de codes indépendants et réutilisables ; c’est notamment le moteur visuel du site Instagram.

L’intégration portera sur la compilation JSX par Play via Mozilla Rhino, un compilateur JS en Java, en plus de l’optimisation YUI qui sera toujours faite à la fin.

Le défi sera d’intégrer au milieu de la structure JS/JQuery un arbre React et de le faire interagir avec le reste. Il est probable que React communiquera avec Play via un seul contrôleur (ou en tout cas via une abstraction des routes) afin d’éviter la très laide implémentation de déclaration route.js.