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Git master branch update v0.20

A new version with some improvements and refactoring:

  • Upgrade React lib to a newer version (#171) and adapt the JSX current code
  • Ends the works on Playlist/Asrun watcher (broadcast automation) (#201)
  • Refactor OP ATOM to OP1A Wrapper XML based (#208) (stupid MXF OPAtom files)
  • Remove H2 db tools in CLI (#244)
  • Add a CLI option for can truncate watchfolder founded file list in database (#245)
  • An high-tech new function : Ends log files with a message before rolling (#246)
  • Remove old java reflexion tools from AppManager and replace it by Factory (#247)
  • Add the possibility of being able to stop/start watchfolder via Instance Action (#250)

And the classic bug corrections:

  • FTP Deleted user can’t be re-added (#239) and  an other silly bug
  • Play bootstrap can’t init in dev mode (#240)
  • Play warn an invalid error during Dev mod startup (#249)
  • Web page don’t display personalized messages (#241)
  • Sometimes Task-require-error-closer engine in Queue found false positive Job to close (#243)
  • Correct i18n personalized messages for static pages (#248)
  • Instance status engine don’t display current instance (web server) real status (#251)

And add a new wonderful function:

  • Add a background picture (#242) in login page !

Upgrade notes:

#239 FTP server admin (in Play side) can create FTP account user directories. Just add some ftpservergroups/group name/base_working_dir keys in configuration.
#246 Set MyRollingFileAppender for new log appender if you want display an end-of-file message before rolling. Useful with a tail option.
#208 Add watchfolderopts.max_founded_items and dontkeepdone configuration entry for limit big watchfolders job explosion
#208 Add ffprobe-jaxb-1.0.jar to classpath

Git master branch update v0.14

A very BIG update. MyDMAM is not dead !

New functionalities:

  • Create a distributed transcoding watchfolder system (#115#114#143)
  • Add an integrated and controlled FTP Server (via an Apache FtpServer handler) (#157 and #175)

Enhancements and refactoring:

  • Add AsyncJS/React router and implement/refactor several JS Pages (#159#154#109#134 and #167)
  • Refactor all dirlists with loop protection (#128)
  • Refactor JS/JSX processing operation code (#168)
  • Remove Log2 logging for log4j and refactor all log systems (#141#152, #153 and #165)
  • Improve AppManager Instance Action / Status, and upgrade to a real API for this (#158)
  • Extract BlockedIPs/access control from Play to a generic tool (#163)
  • Create a “Stoppable Thread” for all services Threads and all sleep needs (#170)
  • Display drift date for user compared to current server date (#169)

Bug correction:

  • Remove IE 8 JS support (#113)
  • Desactivate admin mail with just remove service.administrator_mail in configuration (#145)
  • ffmpeg upgrade, remove strict and add vf null in command line and example config files (#146)
  • Bug with Broker: NPE if a worker is waiting a new job and there a some waiting jobs that it can’t manage (#147)
  • Play 1.4.x compatibility checking (#150)
  • Loosing a Cassandra node can break broker (TokenRangeOfflineException) (#160)
  • Stacktraces and ES errors with some bad chars during a search (#161)
  • Create ES Index during TTL enabling (#162)
  • Pagination don’t works in Navigator pages (#164)
  • Play can’t load JSX from module (#166)
  • Can’t upgrade privileges admin list (#172)
  • No storage configuration cause a NPE (#174)