Update script

MyDMAM provide a very simple update script.

After you manually download the new MyDMAM pack, you starts the script. It will backup the actual MyDMAM directory, and unzip the new pack on the previous path. And it copy the configuration files from old to new version. Finally it starts the bootstrap bash script for update configuration files, like classpath definition.

It runs with Linux and OSX. Copy or move the script outside the actual MyDMAM directory !

On Linux, it must be started with root rights.


MyDMAM Upgrade script v1.0
   upgrade.bash mydmam_redistributable_pack mydmam_path
       The path to the MyDMAM archive file (the new version downloaded from MyDMAM website).
       The path to the current MyDMAM installation directory to update.
Configuration files will be transfered to the new setup.
The old setup will be backuped.
Please stop MyDMAM execution before start this script.

Get it with the last MyDMAM files (startup/upgrade.bash), or directly on Github.