Development setup

For go to in deep in MyDMAM, you can setup Eclipse, or setup IntelliJ.

You need :

  • a MyDMAM setup with a Cassandra and ElasticSearch servers
  • PlayFramework 1
  • Eclipse with git plugin (and GitHub plugin, why not)
  • get MyDMAM libs, and put all in lib directory

It’s a good idea to fork actual GitHub repository in your GitHub repository, and setup Eclipse with your GitHub repository.

So, go to your MyDMAM cloned copy, and do :

play eclipsify

Then, go to Eclipse, File/Import/General/Existing Projects into Workspace, choose your MyDMAM directory, and Finish.

There are a lot of missing dependencies. Right click on mydmam project, Properties, Select Java Build Path on left, Libraries tab, Add jars button, select all jars in mydmam/lib. Next, Add Class Folder, and select MyDMAM conf directory. That’s all.

For a better Play integration, read this.

Run configuration : delete mydmam and Test mydmam, there are buggy. Create 3 new configurations, for the 3 MainClass in MyDMAM (Probe, CLI and server).

You can add :


In VM argument for activate configuration items that are apply: debug.

Cool trick : outside production environment, you can start play server form your MyDMAM directory with just play run. That’s all.

Compilation behavior

Play server and precompile function, via javac compile java files and templates in precompiled and tmp directory.

Eclipse, via javac compile java files in eclipse directory.

So, if you need to use CLI or Probe nearby Eclipse, replace to your classpath :