Development setup with Intellij

The Intellij commercial version has modules for Play, JS, and Goovy. Although Intellij is a proprietary and paid version, it can be a good alternative to Eclipse.

You may need activate some plugins like :

  • Git VCS integration
  • Database
  • Playframework
  • CSS
  • HTML Tools
  • Javascript
  • Ant
  • GitHub
  • Gradle
  • Maven
  • I18n
  • YAML

Clone MyDMAM repository form GitHub.

Go to you local repository, prepare Play conf files :

cp conf/application.conf.examples conf/application.conf
cp conf/dependencies.yml.examples conf/dependencies.yml

Put dependies jars in conf dir:

wget /dwl/lib.tar.gz
tar xvfz lib.tar.gz 
rm lib.tar.gz

And prepare project with

play idealize

Now, you can import it in Intellij.

Don’t forget to set Projet SDK in Project Structure for set a valid JDK.