This page provides all items to setup easy MyDMAM. Binaries, databases, dependencies… All are provided here.

The simple download way is to download redistributable packs for MyDMAM and database. Else you still can download separately all items.

An Oracle Java JRE is integrated in packages. The version is validated and consistent with packs. You must accept the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for Java SE before to download this packages.

MyDMAM redistributable pack list

Version v0.25, published the 10/18/2017, with embedded JRE version: jre1.8.0_121

Windows packmydmam-windows-v0.25.zip137.49 MBMD5: cc73ba8f9eb81a20d2278bdbea500907
Linux packmydmam-linux-v0.25.tar.gz145.26 MBMD5: fa4828a8a37614b8c349ba69678119e3
macOS packmydmam-mac-v0.25.tar.gz129.10 MBMD5: 10665a74e3be4a9d5cf4cf89ba14c1b6

Please see setup for deployment.

For all archived redistributable, go to the special page.

Databases redistributable pack list

You can download all-in-one packs for easy setups:

Databases pack Setup instructions mydmam-databases-jre1.8.0_121-apache-cassandra-1.2.19-elasticsearch-1.5.2.tar.gz (229.12 MB) MD5:67683809cb3c2659391c6445242bf49f

You can access to all licenses related to MyDMAM in the specific page.

Download kits

You can also download separate parts for specific reasons.

Java JRE

Actual validated version: Oracle 8u121.

You must accept the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for Java SE before to download this software.

Windows x64 (60.52 MB) MD5: f87b7a1233c1e5acfbded5583fae5acc
Linux x64 jre-8u121-linux-x64.tar.gz (70.26 MB) MD5: 093e22e4f0a55420780a0e437ab9fcd4
macOS x64 jre-8u121-macosx-x64.tar.gz (53.91 MB) MD5: f426b6f0d968a7719253607433484ede

They are genuine standalone archives (with no installer).

Don’t be worried about security with some old JVM version, MyDMAM don’t use risky java tools like Applet or Webstart. On the other hand Java don’t needs to be deployed for be started by MyDMAM startups scripts: you don’t need to install Java.

Databases engines

MyDMAM needs two sort of database engine. The twice are free and open source.

Apache Cassandra is needed for manage keys, user management, ressource locking, queuing and internal message exchange. The only valided version is the 1.2.19. Why a so-older version ? because the newer are not compatible with the specific Cassandra client used in MyDMAM. However this version works fine.

ElasticSearch is a search engine based mounted on distributed schema-free database documents. It provide in MyDMAM searching, indexing, metadata storage, activity storing. MyDMAM is tested and shipped with specifics ElasticSearch libraries and need a server which has the same versions. Actually it’s the v1.5.2.

You can download binaries archives here:

Apache Cassandra apache-cassandra-1.2.19-bin.tar.gz (16.12 MB) MD5: 06e0a3d4242405bbf1b6094e409d6e18
ElasticSearch elasticsearch-1.5.2.tar.gz (26.87 MB) MD5: b5cecb01d455f516d6c3aaff3af4149f

These archives are the official releases from Apache Cassandra and Elastic website. No modification are made, and they are ready to run as it for MyDMAM… after you set a correct cluster and service configuration. It’s not science rocket if you like read documentations files.

For manual upgrading, keep in mind to don’t let 2 versions for ElasticSearch jars in MyDMAM lib directory, and don’t let different versions between ElasticSearch server and MyDMAM lib directory. By the way, use the same JVM with MyDMAM and ElasticSearch.

Maybe you need a special tool for start Cassandra like a Windows Service: prunsrv.exe. embedded in Commons Daemon.

Apache Commons Daemon for Windows (0.20 MB) MD5: 28729a5c9b20ac9d0455a66d1249f448

You can also set up this databases engines with deb/rpm packages available from Elastic and Datastax websites. Just take the good version.

Linux distribution

You can use APT or YUM versions for Cassandra and ElasticSearch. Just check the versions and the Java JRE VM version for ElasticSearch: it must be the same as MyDMAM uses, otherwise you can encounter some Java serialization problems. Package managers are sometimes impish and can’t force some JVM versions. Especially the very old ones.

Dependencies list

You can get all jar files on special page.

All this file, must to be put in your /lib mydmam directory.

Or use a special build.xml to do this in one shoot (just set the var out.lib to the /lib directory).

Source code

Hackers can download MyDMAM from github master zip , or

git clone

And use build.xml to make it.