Several points are on reflections or preparation, and constitute the evolution of the project.

Here is a list of these items in bulk:

Download center: let user to add a link and a Probe will download it, transcode it and to conform the format, and after callback user.

Regular download: watch a Storage and when a new file is add, download it (after to have check if it’s fully transferred server side) and conform it.

Transcode center: to be able to convert any file, from any storage, to any format, to any storage, with a pre-configured setup. Can to handle manually via configuration any convert system (ffmpeg, convert, eye3D…).

Content checking: alert if some files are in invalid format (after an analysis, and setup via configuration).

Add new handlers for analysis, like text2pdf, LibreOffice, audio metadatas, jpg preview for PDFs, audio wavforms and spectograms…

User metadata system: can to add labels and key/value properties on database for some files / directories, and to be able to add actions for them. After that, MyDMAM will be really a DMAM !

And many others I hope !

You can see development setup page and pending issues in GitHub.