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Projet news and general announcements.

Git master branch update v0.25

This version mark the first publish of EmbDDB (embedded distributed database) and some maintenance upgrades and bug corrects.

  • Add new EmbDDB tools to MyDMAM (#291 and #295) This API is functional but no required. It’s only present for testing.
  • Change Play session duration to 8h (#294)
  • Remove older Eclipse NLS messages (#300)
  • Some upgrades for AssetsXcross (#280)


  • Bug with DAR (lost a day for send daily mail) (#298)
  • Refactor executors with ThreadPoolExecutorFactory (#296)
  • Can’t found some AD users during login (#293)

Upgrades notes

#291 Add embddb option in Service YAML Configuration. This is not mandatory to use. Log this with hd3gtv.mydmam.embddb.*

Git master branch update v0.24

A maintenance update. It correct a problematic with dates format (some time the dates were moving towards the past).

  • Integer format number error with dates in long (#289)
  • NPE with AD backend if user don’t have an userPrincipalName (#292)
  • Create specific tools for Interplay, Pathindexing and ACAPI: AssetsXcross (#280). It still work-in-progress and not fully functional out of the box.

It’s not a specific security problem, but update as fast as you can.

Git master branch update v0.23

It’s a small update, without specific media-oriented functions, but a lot of corrections and code cleaning.

  • Remove old and dead javascript code (#285)
  • Rename CliModule API to CLI and move CLI classes (#284)
  • Cleanup some CliModules (#283)
  • Collect and display AsyncJS processing time and dynamic generation time (#278)
  • Experiments some new JS API in React for prepare the next refactoring of Navigate (#277 but not active for the moment)

Create a new API, JSModule, for extract algorithms in Java side to JS side (server side and/or client side), and let them editable by the admin without change the Java code. getIdFromFilename() will be the first to be moved to Javascript side.

  • Can instantiate Interfaces behind a dynamic Proxy (#281)
  • Create an API for modules in Java side declared by dynamic Javascript files (#282)
  • Remove old getIdFromFilename for let admin can implement it himself (#286)


  • Missing variable and a directory in build files (#290), with the help of Nico (the first MyDMAM contributor after… me)
  • Refresh PathIndex API and correct some bugs (#279)

Upgrade notes:

#283 CLI option dumpdb is removed. Use instead actiondb -import|export.
#283 CLI options storageindex and storage are definitively removed.
#286 Remove getIdFromFilename (isValidMediaId) function ! Don't forget to migrate it to a JSModule.

Git master branch update v0.22

Some bug corrections and lightweight improvements:

  • Create User Preferences API in JS side (#275)
  • Get and display in CLI the Git history from the last tag (#272)
  • Correct error message log for ExecBinaryPath API (#274)


  • BroadcastAutomation Engine (BCA) don’t catch correctly events (#276)
  • Play dev mode shouldn’t remove privileges at start (#273)

No changes for configuration and not upgrade notes. Download this version from the specific page.

Git master branch update v0.21

This new version debug and improve some points.

New functions:


  • Can delete an User in auth view (#257)
  • Change the Search Box behavior in website (#254)
  • Change font for website titles (#260)
  • Babel processing in parallel (#261)
  • Add revision query string for static http items (#266)
  • Remove InternalTaskQueue API (#267)
  • Add regular refresh (propertycatch) for BCA (#268)
  • Add Exit for all static class block where exception are fatal, like db init (#269)
  • Correct ThreadPoolExecutor init with start pool size > 1 (#271)

Bug corrections:

  • Remove the unwanted “Background services” label name in manager (#253)
  • Add new forbidden chars for search (#256)
  • JSX transpiler driver stacktraces are not correctly created and displayed in webpages (#258)
  • In Dev mode, display Refresh and Go to login buttons (#263)
  • In build.xml, (in setup) Java JRE linux overwrite Windows JRE (#264)
  • Before start file analysis, check if it can be analysed (read/write) else warn + ignore it (#270)

Upgrade notes:

#252 You should set a login and a password for all AD backends (in play.yml).
#268 Remove CLI bca -propertycatch
#268 Remove configuration key broadcast_automation.catch_playlist_to_parse

Prochains objectifs pour MyDMAM

Il est important de définir de temps en temps un objectif clair pour savoir dans quelle direction avancer. MyDMAM évolue lentement mais sûrement, et j’ai toujours fait attention à ne pas enfermer son développement vers des objectifs trop éloignés ou hors de mon champ de besoin actuel.

Voici la roadmap que je prévois de suivre :

  • Finir la nouvelle fonctionnalité de Rapport d’activité quotidien (j’en parlerais avec plus de détails plus tard)
  • Corriger les quelques bugs en suspends
  • Implémenter un processus de mise à jour simplifiée
  • Implémenter les Préférences utilisateur, afin de donner des paramètres que l’utilisateur de l’interface web puisse changer et qui soient conservés en base (c’est à dire persistant entre les sessions)
  • Implémenter un vrai navigateur de médias, avec l’affichage des vignettes, métadonnées et autres. Une vue qui soit la plus personnalisable possible, avec le choix des champs à afficher, de la taille, et un choix de thèmes de couleur. Il s’agit-là d’une vraie refonte graphique avec une réflexion sur l’UX (user experience) de MyDMAM.

Il y aura sûrement des bugs à corriger côté analyse de métadonnées. Notamment au niveau de l’analyse d’images que j’ai encore assez peu fait fonctionner.

Une fois tout ceci fait, MyDMAM sera en beta. La v1 sortira une fois que les derniers bugs connus seront corrigés. Le cycle de développement sera plus linéaire car il y aura une distinction entre les versions majeures, mineures, et les patchs. Les bugs pourront être corrigés au fil de l’eau car le processus de release sera simplifié.

Il n’y a pas de dates prévues car cela dépends de beaucoup de paramètres indépendant de ma volonté.

Git master branch update v0.20

A new version with some improvements and refactoring:

  • Upgrade React lib to a newer version (#171) and adapt the JSX current code
  • Ends the works on Playlist/Asrun watcher (broadcast automation) (#201)
  • Refactor OP ATOM to OP1A Wrapper XML based (#208) (stupid MXF OPAtom files)
  • Remove H2 db tools in CLI (#244)
  • Add a CLI option for can truncate watchfolder founded file list in database (#245)
  • An high-tech new function : Ends log files with a message before rolling (#246)
  • Remove old java reflexion tools from AppManager and replace it by Factory (#247)
  • Add the possibility of being able to stop/start watchfolder via Instance Action (#250)

And the classic bug corrections:

  • FTP Deleted user can’t be re-added (#239) and  an other silly bug
  • Play bootstrap can’t init in dev mode (#240)
  • Play warn an invalid error during Dev mod startup (#249)
  • Web page don’t display personalized messages (#241)
  • Sometimes Task-require-error-closer engine in Queue found false positive Job to close (#243)
  • Correct i18n personalized messages for static pages (#248)
  • Instance status engine don’t display current instance (web server) real status (#251)

And add a new wonderful function:

  • Add a background picture (#242) in login page !

Upgrade notes:

#239 FTP server admin (in Play side) can create FTP account user directories. Just add some ftpservergroups/group name/base_working_dir keys in configuration.
#246 Set MyRollingFileAppender for new log appender if you want display an end-of-file message before rolling. Useful with a tail option.
#208 Add watchfolderopts.max_founded_items and dontkeepdone configuration entry for limit big watchfolders job explosion
#208 Add ffprobe-jaxb-1.0.jar to classpath

Git master branch update v0.19

A big update.

Not some bigger newer tools, but a real build process with downloadable packages. A big refactoring with the end of old-style Groovy pages, a new access to for code Gson, new dynamic class instantiations…

In changes:

  • Refactor UI (remove Groovy for React) and remove Module API (#199) and Big code cleaning for prepare beta version (#234)
  • A very specific tool, BCA: Create Playlist/Asrun watcher (broadcast automation) (#201)
  • Correct some bugs: #236, #237#238.

For update information, please read the UPGRADE.txt provided with the code.

Nouveaux articles sur le site

…et mise à jour d’anciens articles.

Le plus important, c’est la réécriture du process de téléchargement de MyDMAM, celui des bases de donnée, et du process d’installation.


Mises à jour