Git master branch update v0.25

This version mark the first publish of EmbDDB (embedded distributed database) and some maintenance upgrades and bug corrects.

  • Add new EmbDDB tools to MyDMAM (#291 and #295) This API is functional but no required. It’s only present for testing.
  • Change Play session duration to 8h (#294)
  • Remove older Eclipse NLS messages (#300)
  • Some upgrades for AssetsXcross (#280)


  • Bug with DAR (lost a day for send daily mail) (#298)
  • Refactor executors with ThreadPoolExecutorFactory (#296)
  • Can’t found some AD users during login (#293)

Upgrades notes

#291 Add embddb option in Service YAML Configuration. This is not mandatory to use. Log this with hd3gtv.mydmam.embddb.*