Git master branch update v0.23

It’s a small update, without specific media-oriented functions, but a lot of corrections and code cleaning.

  • Remove old and dead javascript code (#285)
  • Rename CliModule API to CLI and move CLI classes (#284)
  • Cleanup some CliModules (#283)
  • Collect and display AsyncJS processing time and dynamic generation time (#278)
  • Experiments some new JS API in React for prepare the next refactoring of Navigate (#277 but not active for the moment)

Create a new API, JSModule, for extract algorithms in Java side to JS side (server side and/or client side), and let them editable by the admin without change the Java code. getIdFromFilename() will be the first to be moved to Javascript side.

  • Can instantiate Interfaces behind a dynamic Proxy (#281)
  • Create an API for modules in Java side declared by dynamic Javascript files (#282)
  • Remove old getIdFromFilename for let admin can implement it himself (#286)


  • Missing variable and a directory in build files (#290), with the help of Nico (the first MyDMAM contributor after… me)
  • Refresh PathIndex API and correct some bugs (#279)

Upgrade notes:

#283 CLI option dumpdb is removed. Use instead actiondb -import|export.
#283 CLI options storageindex and storage are definitively removed.
#286 Remove getIdFromFilename (isValidMediaId) function ! Don't forget to migrate it to a JSModule.