Git master branch update v0.21

This new version debug and improve some points.

New functions:


  • Can delete an User in auth view (#257)
  • Change the Search Box behavior in website (#254)
  • Change font for website titles (#260)
  • Babel processing in parallel (#261)
  • Add revision query string for static http items (#266)
  • Remove InternalTaskQueue API (#267)
  • Add regular refresh (propertycatch) for BCA (#268)
  • Add Exit for all static class block where exception are fatal, like db init (#269)
  • Correct ThreadPoolExecutor init with start pool size > 1 (#271)

Bug corrections:

  • Remove the unwanted “Background services” label name in manager (#253)
  • Add new forbidden chars for search (#256)
  • JSX transpiler driver stacktraces are not correctly created and displayed in webpages (#258)
  • In Dev mode, display Refresh and Go to login buttons (#263)
  • In build.xml, (in setup) Java JRE linux overwrite Windows JRE (#264)
  • Before start file analysis, check if it can be analysed (read/write) else warn + ignore it (#270)

Upgrade notes:

#252 You should set a login and a password for all AD backends (in play.yml).
#268 Remove CLI bca -propertycatch
#268 Remove configuration key broadcast_automation.catch_playlist_to_parse