Monthly Archives: January 2015

Git master branch update v0.10

New version for ending the big refactoring.

  • Refactoring code (#80)
  • End task queue refactoring (#78). Now, you can change Log2 messages verbosing for all instances via website, UserAction can have need more Storages access, Indexing is better stable (no more ES errors), add “off hours” configuration for cyclic creating job.

Upgrade informations:

Git master branch update v0.9

A new version with a lot of changes for the new year !

  • Correct some bugs (#66#70#71#74#75)
  • Implement the User Action engine (#61 and #76)
  • Speed up baskets functions with Cassandra backend (#67)
  • Refactor notification mail (#68 and #69)
  • Add databases cluster status (#73), for check ES status, and add hibernate function if ES cluster is not functional.
  • Change user rights on the fly (#72)
  • Re-implement and refactor all TaskQueue system (#78) to allow more opportunities later with User Action.

So, actually, no real visible changes for user. The old queue system is deactivated and it will be removed soon. #78 is not completed, some improvements will come.