Monthly Archives: June 2014

Git master branch update v0.5

New update for some corrections and new functions.

Refactoring Cassandra side :

  • Clean Cassandra/IsAlive code, and remove old Schemes classes #50
  • Create Cassandra CF and KS with correct gc_grace and replication_factor values #49
  • Repair some non fatal bugs for the first boot, in case of no Keyspaces, and some races condition with the CF creating and pushing datas. Transform CF creating to a blocking operation.

Refactoring JS side :

  • Get html5shiv from web server instead of Google servers #46
  • Refactoring URLs in JS side #47
  • Extend stat function with scopes in website #30

Correct a simple bug :

  • StorageIndex can’t found a Storage if its name has uppercase letter(s) #48

Update your git repository, or download it here from GitHub.